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Aidan Simpson

User experience & visual designer • 2004–2019

Selected work

Logo Photos


Design lead \ California \ 2016–17

Relive and share your favorite moments with photo books.
Design lead for web, iOS and Android apps.

PhotoBook Hero Mobile
PhotoBook Hero Desktop

Selected work

Logo Method

Method Podcast

Host, Producer and Editor \ 2016–Present

A podcast about the people who design and build Google products

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Selected work

Logo Photoscan

Google PhotoScan

Design Lead \ California \ 2016>

Photos from the past, meet scanner from the future.

Photoscan Hero

Selected work

Logo Maps

Google Maps

UX Designer \ Australia \ 2013–14

Tactile Maps update, mobile ad creation, Maps Lite, Android place picker.

Selected work

Logo Gsa

Google Docs

UX Designer \ Sydney \ 2012–13

Mobile document editors

Selected work

Logo Keep

Google Keep

UX Lead \ Australia \ 2011–12

Concept, design & implementation of Google's first core note taking app.

Selected work

Logo Drive

Google Drive

UX Designer \ Australia \ 2011–13

Google Drive product launch, Docs integration, Docs editor tools framework.